Privacy Policy

We appreciate you taking the time to peruse our website for MUSA DIRECT. We try to uphold your privacy and want to keep your personal information protected. To learn more, continue reading our Privacy Notice.

Our Privacy Notice explains in detail how we use, gather, and disclose your personal data. This Privacy Policy also explains what we do and have done to keep you personal information secure. Lastly, our Privacy Notice gives you options about the use, gathering, and disclosures of your personal data. When visiting our website, you accept these items discussed in this Notice.

Our Privacy Notice applies solely to this website. Please read on for further details. MUSA DIRECT is not responsible for the content or private practices on other websites not related to MUSA DIRECT, including links that are included on our website.

Information Gathering and Use

1. Information Gathering.

MUSA DIRECT gathers data from customers in various manners on our website. The major reason for gathering personal data is to offer a meaningful, unique, and efficient shopping experience. For instance, MUSA DIRECT uses personal data to:

Make this website simpler to use, including not having to enter data multiple times.
Helps customers uncover products, services, and information with ease.
Helps MUSA DIRECT create useful content that is relevant to all customers.
Brings customers new products, services and information about the things being

(a) Registering and Ordering. Prior to using parts of our website or ordering items, customers must submit an online registration form. Throughout the registration process, a customer will need to provide pieces of personal data, including a name, shipping and billing addresses, telephone number, email contact, and credit card information. Also, MUSA DIRECT may ask for a customer's country of origin so that it is possible to follow applicable regulations. This personal data is used during billing as well. It helps fulfill orders correctly, makes it possible to communicate about orders, and is used for marketing purposes. If there is a problem during fulfillment, MUSA DIRECT can utilize the provided information for contact purposes.
(b) Email. Many parts of our website allow users to enter their email addresses so that they can register for promotional notices, to request notifications regarding the kick-off of a new brand or style, and to receive our newsletter. Customer participation is strictly voluntary. Users may choose to participate and provide necessary information. We use this data to notify winners and to award prizes. At times, we publish winners names and their cities on our website.
(c) Cookies and New Technology. Similar to other retail websites, MUSA DIRECT uses cookies and action tags to enhance user navigation on our website, to track access, and monitor customer usage.

(i) Cookies are tiny pieces of data that get stored as text files by a personal Internet browser on a computer's hard drive. Many browsers accept these cookies. However, it is possible to set a browser so that it refuses cookies or removes them. When this occurs, a user will not be allowed to access or use certain parts of our website. MUSA DIRECT must utilize cookies so that customers can choose products, place them in their "shopping carts," and complete purchases. Cookies allow us to keep track of a users' browsing patterns and orders. MUSA DIRECT WEBSITE COOKIES DO NOT AND CANNOT ENTER A CONSUMER'S PERSONAL COMPUTER TO COLLECT FURTHER DATA. MUSA DIRECT cookies are not spyware.
(ii) Action tags help deliver cookies and help MUSA DIRECT determine whether a page on the website has been viewed and the number of times it has been seen. For instance, any electronic image, including an ad banner, can function as an action tag.
(iii) MUSA DIRECT can utilize third-party companies to customize website content for users and to create ads. These businesses can use cookies and action tags to measure ad effectiveness. Any data collected from cookies and action tags are not connected to personal data collected by MUSA DIRECT.

(d) Log Files. As with other sites, our website server automatically recognizes the Internet URL of the places customers’ access our site. MUSA DIRECT can also keep track of customers' IP addresses, Internet service providers, and the times customers log onto our website. This is done to verify orders, for marketing purposes, and troubleshooting.
(e) Age. MUSA DIRECT respects the privacy of minors. We never knowingly or purposely collect personal data from minors under 13 years of age. On other parts of our website, users warrant they are over 18 or are utilizing the website with adult supervision.
(f) Product Reviews. A user may submit a review of our products. While posting, it is important to include an email address and geographic location. If a person sends a review, the location will be published but not the email address. Also, it is important to consider identifiable data will be visible on our website. MUSA DIRECT is not responsible for releasing this information. It is possible to construct a review without disclosing sensitive data.

2. Information Use and Disclosure

(a) Internal Use. MUSA DIRECT uses personal information to fulfill orders and provide top customer service. We may use this data to enhance our website, to increase our outreach, for marketing purposes, and to compile information about our website's users.
(b) Communications. MUSA DIRECT uses personal data for communication about our website and to send announcements. Customers can submit email addresses to request notifications when we release new products and to receive special offers. Users always have the right to unsubscribe. Even after opting out of marketing-related emails, customers still receive emails related to their orders.
(c) External Usage. MUSA DIRECT strives to give customers top service and selection. We never sell, trade, license, or give away customers' personal data or financial status except:
(i) In the same manner as other wholesalers, MUSA DIRECT may use others to perform particular tasks on our behalf. However, this is only to help with certain services. For instance, we often partner with shipping companies to ensure proper delivery.
(ii) When customers make purchases, MUSA DIRECT provides customer credit card data to processors for authorization. For protection, we utilize top technical encryption.
(iii) Under certain conditions, MUSA DIRECT must disclose
information to law enforcement. Also, we release data when disclosure is required to cover our legal rights, enforce our Terms of Use, or for other protection.
(iv) Normally, we never sell or trade customers' personal information to companies. However, we may merge with or be acquired by other businesses. In that situation, customers' personal data may be disclosed, but it is subject to our current Privacy Notice.
(v) We have the right to share non-personal data with third-parties, including marketing firms. This data cannot be tied to the user.

Data Security

Our website contains electronic, physical, and administrative ways to protect the privacy of all personal information used for monetary transactions. MUSA DIRECT uses SSL encryption to guard personal data online. Access to customers' personal data is restricted. Lastly, we rely on third-party providers to supply physical security over our computer hardware.

MUSA DIRECT trusts all safety procedures in place. For instance, when a user visits our website, he or she accesses servers that are stored in a secure atmosphere.

Although MUSA DIRECT uses precautions to safeguard customer data, we cannot guarantee total security. Complete security is not possible.

Opt Out/Corrections

Upon request, we update or correct any personal data, cease emails, and disable your account. We ask you not to send sensitive information through email.

Offline Collection, Disclose and Use of Information

Much of the data collected by MUSA DIRECT is obtained from our website. This Privacy Policy only applies to personal data collected online. Also, we attempt to guard the privacy of customers' personal data collected offline as well. We only sell merchandise and not data.

Inactive Account

An account without activity, including but not limited to, orders or log-ins for period exceeding three months are subject to automatic deletion. This helps us keep our client list updated. It is possible to reactivate an account through our site.